The ImmiPartner Solution


Acquiring and retaining talented team members at the executive and specialized knowledge level is essential for any business. Don't spin your wheels trying to wrap your head around the ever-changing government regulations and the complex requirements of filing U.S. visa applications. Let ImmiPartner cut through the legalese to get you the answers you need.

We are corporate immigration attorneys with years of experience working with hundreds of companies across different stages of growth. We know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. We will help you understand and anticipate challenges as your team grows to navigate and develop solutions that get the results you want.

How it works:


One of ImmiPartner’s experienced attorneys will become your dedicated in-house counsel on all issues related to immigration, alleviating the stress and headache of managing cases and policy. We will help you strategize and prepare the company to launch any visa case, and coordinate directly with your immigration lawyers to ensure those cases are processed as quickly as possible. We will also do internal training with staff to make sure the company stays compliant with changing regulations. Bottom line: you get all of the support you need, without incurring the expense of hiring a dedicated immigration specialist.


We smooth out immigration hurdles that arise and partner with your team to understand the immigration landscape, new policy changes, and how immigration impacts hiring timetables and budgets. We also assess your current immigration legal service needs and can help find you the right immigration law firm to process visa applications at the right price.


Provide proactive answers to questions from your prospective hires as well as your internal executive team, managers, recruiters, HR, and anyone else that needs guidance. We are your immigration general counsel. We will conduct thorough candidate assessments for you so you know the immigration considerations that go into a hiring decision, while ensuring that necessary immigration processing that will be required via the immigration law firm that we will manage for you is vetted and shepherded to prompt resolution. We will collaborate with your immigration legal service provider as necessary on your behalf.


Leveraging years of legal experience in immigration firms, our attorneys make sure that your immigration program compete with what the big companies provide. We will help you develop an immigration policy — just like the ones the big companies have — that suit your team’s growing needs. We also partner with your recruiters and managers, giving them the training to stay compliant and traverse the immigration process for employees as quickly and as painlessly as possible.


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