Your Entire In-House Immigration Function. Handled.

ImmiPartner focuses on providing a uniquely comprehensive immigration solution via our in-house immigration general counsel service offering. We handle your entire immigration function without the need to hire anyone internal. We cover all aspects of your program including policy build-out, candidate assessments, managing and handling all case processing alongside our tech-forward case processing solution, to ensuring compliance, and providing useful workforce planning sessions and much more.

Your company deserves experienced immigration lawyers handling your in-house immigration function instead of having to hire HR or other specialists to cover this area in addition to their other job duties. Our program allows any size company to compete to attract and retain top foreign talent, a battle that has up until now been dominated by larger competitors when it comes to providing efficient immigration benefits to potential employees.


What We Offer

immigration partners from day one

One of ImmiPartner’s experienced attorneys will become your dedicated in-house counsel on all issues related to immigration, alleviating the stress and headache of the topic immediately. We are available as soon as you identify that a candidate may need immigration sponsorship. With an unlimited number of visa assessments and calls, we will help you strategize and prepare the company to launch any visa case.

The ImmiPartner solution: you get all of the support you need, without incurring the expense of hiring a dedicated immigration specialist, and with the added insights of experienced corporate immigration counsel. From strategic decisions, workforce planing, all the way through case processing and compliance, we have it handled.

save on time, resources and Cost

The list of things a company has to manage when hiring foreign nationals is often long: assess candidates, vet job descriptions, understand short and long term immigration options for candidates, find trusted attorneys hoping they are efficient, collect documents and data, laid out case strategy, ensure transparent and timely case processing, avoid missing case deadlines, ensuring compliance after filing, and more. Unfortunately, the learning curve is steep for founders, managers, or HR generalists who do not specialize in immigration. This puts companies at risk for delays and mistakes that causes companies to lose out on foreign national talent to bigger companies with more resources.

The ImmiPartner solution: as subject matter experts, we will take over the entire immigration function, giving everyone on your team a clear list of to-dos while carrying the majority of any burden for policy creation, case management and processing, compliance, workforce planning, and more. There won’t be any time wasted wondering if you’ve done the right thing, allowing you to focus on building the company.

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