Your U.S. Immigration Needs and Beyond. Handled.

Moving to the United States to launch operations can be complicated, daunting, and for some a deterrent to pursuing their business dreams.

With our ImmiSherpa program it doesn’t have to be this way.

We love working with entrepreneurs and early stage U.S. businesses. We have done so for decades. On the U.S. immigration front we have streamlined the process for obtaining the most common visa types that work for the trailblazers of the world. We do this by leveraging and embracing technology while focusing on your experience through the legal process as a client.

But we decided not to stop at immigration.

In addition to fundamental immigration considerations we know that you also have other legal needs if you are to be successful in the U.S. market. These include U.S. business formation, intellectual property, tax and employment considerations. So instead of following the herd of siloed traditional legal delivery models we decided to actually go further and be more helpful to our clients by bringing together a team of lawyers who each focus on a distinct foundational legal area in their own practices and to deliver them to you as part of the ImmiSherpa package.

Your Team


Hendrik Pretorius, Immigration Counsel

Hailing from South Africa, and having lived in Argentina, Mexico, Hendrik now calls the U.S. home. Hendrik has a very tangible understanding of the challenges of immigrating to the U.S. both personally and professionally. Hendrik has received many recognitions for his acclaimed work, has been featured most recently in Forbes, and often speaks and advises nationally on topics of immigration.


Leiann Laiks, Employment Counsel

Leiann (of Fusion Legal P.C.) employment law work is grounded on the principle that employers and employees should be working together, not against each other, so that business owners can spend time growing their business, not defending it. Leiann helps clients plan, understand, and avoid unnecessary conflicts when hiring out teams. 


Gregory Wilson, Tax Counsel

Greg (of Gregory R. Wilson Law Practice) is a California Bar Certified Specialist in Tax law, focused on delivering tax strategy and planning for both individuals and companies. Greg has helped many foreign companies entering the U.S. market as well as individuals understand the U.S. tax landscape and help ensure a cohesive tax strategy.

Ting ni Photo.jpeg

Ting Ni, Immigration Counsel

Having lived in Australia and China, Ting is now based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Her practice centers on foreign entrepreneurs and growing companies here in the U.S. Having led legal teams that managed hundreds of companies and thousands of employees, Ting has been an invited speaker on topics related to immigration strategies at various incubators, accelerators, and VC firms.


Doug Bend, Business Formation and IP Counsel

Doug (of Bend Law Group) delivers small business and startup counseling and business formation work as well as Intellectual Property services to ensure companies lay a solid foundation in the U.S. and avoid major headaches down the road. Doug has been featured in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Inc., Forbes, and more.

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